Russian night! All night only Russian favorite hits and sensual erotic show of our beauties. The hospitality and generosity, kindness and fun - this is something for which you should come to us on Monday!

Each guest - compliments from the bartender and chef. As well as a discount on Russian cuisine is up to 50%.








Sakura night! Soak up the atmosphere inviting Asia! Lovely geisha reveal the secrets of seduction and will delight your eyes sensual dances! Tenderness and languor, sophistication and seduction, sweet shiver and obedience is the fact that you see in your dreams, and embodies the private hall Mour`a Mour every Tuesday. This is the night full of naked ... your feelings!

Only today - discount on Japanese cuisine - 30%. Do not deny yourself the pleasure!




Retro night! Only this night seductive dancing beauties of our best tracks by dashing 90. Mid week! Is not it a reason to diversify workdays otvyaznym fun and bring all their wildest fantasies?! We are waiting for you today! It will be hot! By the way, today, every guest who comes to 23:00 - flavored hookah for free!






Aroma night! Fell the dance!






Dreams Freud

Pre-Party from 21:00 to 01:00. Exactly at 1:00 starting to unravel dreams Freud.

Outrageous show which excite your mind and turn your views on the meaning of dreams ... you dreamed of the money? Did you know that it is a passion? You dreamed of rider? Or open the door? So is the door to Mour`a Mour, where all your fantasies become reality!






Paradaise night! Feel like in paradise, today visited Mour 'a Mour. Tenderness and passion, luxury and otvyaznyh fun, erotic and drive. Skillfully combine incongruous in this heavenly night! To each according to his needs - the motto of the night! Live to the full, come today!




Bonus night! Tonight is the night without censorship! The night of your desires! And, of course, the night is a bonus! Everything has its time, and we will convince you of this! Only this night:

  • 23:00 - hookah every guest as a gift;
  • 01:00 - every guest card BONUS VIP;
  • 03:00 - Private Dance every guest as a gift;
  • 07:00 - the most seductive beauty of the city. And for you and only for you!
This is the night full of naked ... your emotions!


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